For Social Workers

As the Independent Living Program's contract workers, we work closely with our youth's social workers to ensure that the youth will have a healthy and successful transition into adulthood.

The Independent Living Program

The Independent Living Program provides guidance and aides teens and young adults, ages 14 to 21, in developing the necessary skills needed to transition from foster care to independent living. Services are tailored for each youth's individual case plan based on a yearly skills assessment. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Resources to transition to self sufficiency
  • Access to education, training and services to obtain employment
  • Help youth prepare for and enter post-secondary training and educational institutions
  • Personal and emotional support to youth aging out of foster care through mentors and the promotion of interactions with supportive adults
  • Financial assistance, housing, counseling, employment, education, and other appropriate support and services
  • Funding for education and training, including postsecondary educatio
  • Room and board services for eligible youth including American Indian/Alaska Native youth who have aged out of foster care settings upon reaching the age of 18 but have not yet reached the age of 21
  • There is additional pandemic aid for eligible foster youth and alumni age 14-26

What to Expect:

Once a youth is referred to the Independent Living Program, the youth will need to meet with their Independent Living (IL) worker once a month. The IL worker is another support for both you and the youth to ensure that their transition out of foster care goes smoothly.

Referral Process:

Step 1

Youth qualifies for the Independent Living Program by being in care for at least 90 consecutive days after they reach the age of 14.

Step 2

You submit a referral to service to your region's Independent Living Coordinator (please see Coordinator Contacts page if you're unsure of who to contact).

Step 3

The Independent Living Coordinator will send the referral to us as the contractors so that we begin working with the youth.

Step 4

The Independent Living workers will reach out to you, the youth, and/or the adults the youth is living with to schedule first monthly meeting.