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A training and support group is a group that provides education, guidance, and emotional support to individuals who are caring for children in the foster care system. Here's a bit more about what these groups can offer:

Community: Foster parent groups can offer a sense of community and belonging for foster parents, who may otherwise feel isolated or overwhelmed.

Networking: Foster parent groups can provide opportunities for foster parents to network with professionals in the child welfare system, such as social workers, therapists, and attorneys.

Advocacy: Foster parent groups can advocate for the needs of foster parents and children in the foster care system and work to improve policies and practices.

Support: Foster parents can connect with other foster parents, share experiences, and offer each other emotional support and practical advice.

Training: Foster parents can receive training on topics such as child development, attachment, and trauma-informed care, as well as practical skills like behavior management and communication.


If you have any questions, connect with your Recruiment Coordinator or FIRST Trainer.


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