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About Foster Idaho Training

Fostering Idaho Training offers engaging, practical training, by trainers who have experience in fostering. Through real-life experiences from different perspectives and environments, we can make a difference in our fostering community.

Pre-Service Training is a 27-hour course required for anyone who wants the beautiful adventure of fostering. This course is an introduction to the world of foster care. Updated research, trauma-informed parenting, real-life stories, resources, and more, make up the class.

Training and Support meetings, either online or in class, are highly encouraged to build strong support networks and access local resources. Research shows, most foster families feel alone while fostering and tend to have shorter lengths of time fostering. Our goal is to provide relevant training, support, and encouragement to our families.

The TBRI training is highly recommended for current foster families and children coming from hard places. The class focuses on empowering, connecting, and correcting principles and offers practical examples. This approach can bring much hope and peace to our healing homes.

Training of the Trainers, TOT, is a required class for foster families and social workers who want to co-facilitate the Pre-Service training. The 2-day training will provide you with an overview of the updated PRIDE curriculum, adult learning, and class materials.



Each adult household member must complete the RPPS and FIRST Prerequisite course before attending pre-service training.



Attend FIRST(Fostering Idaho Resources & Skills Training.



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