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Family Resource & Training Center is working to provide our families and kids with additional support, resources and information. A section dedicated to COVID-19 family resources is available on our website here.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to build a responsive, educated and stable foster care community of families that can meet a variety of needs. We recruit and support safe, nurturing, trauma-informed resource parents. These resource parents include foster, kinship, respite and adoptive caregivers. We are dedicated to provide effective support, training and resources to caregivers and the children in their care.


To foster* healthy families and healthy communities!

To fulfill our vision we will:

  • Encourage partnerships, collaboration, and integration of services to provide a "best-practice" service delivery system for all children and families and the people who support them.
  • Provide context related training.
  • Provide a context where social work students are prepared to accept leadership positions, implement strengths-focused interventions, and collaborate with agencies and community partners in public welfare practice.

*Fos-ter(fos'ster): v. 1) To bring up; nurture 2) To cultivate and encourage - adj. 3) Giving or receiving parental care through not related by blood or legal ties

Core Values

  • FOSTER dignity
  • RESPECT diversity
  • HONOR experience
  • SERVE with integrity
  • SUPPORT with compassion

We have


Employees throughout Idaho

We held


Information Meetings last year

We held


Pre-Service Trainings last year

We provided


Continuing education opportunities last year

Our Staff

Aimee Hoes
Recruitment Coordinator
West Hub, Region 3


Dannie Swanson
Recruitment Coordinator
North Hub, Region 1


Erin O’Shaughnessy
Recruitment Coordinator
East Hub, Region 6,Region 7


Margaret Zysk
Recruitment Coordinator
North Hub, Region 2


Monique Layton
Recruitment Coordinator
West Hub, Region 3,Region 4


Susan Baca
Recruitment Coordinator
East Hub, Region 5



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